School warns parents about being on their phones so much.

School warns parents about being on their phones so much.

Nowadays we almost all have a smartphone with us. They have become almost indispensable in our society and I personally am very happy with mine.  Taking photos, getting directions, looking up big life questions, monitoring your financial overview, managing appointments, maintaining contact with friends and acquaintances etc etc.

I also have to admit that there are actually times when I perched over my phone when there's no need for it. Sometimes wonderful things happen around me and I miss them because of my phone. This is unfortunate, and really very common. A school in Houston US also thought about this and it was strange that parents were just staring at their mobile phones in the schoolyard, so they made a sign which is shown below:

The reactions to these actions varied. Some parents felt insulted and suggested that they have a busy job and also sometimes have to answer e-mails or phone calls in the schoolyard. That they did spend time with their child when they were at home but that they should not feel guilty about being busy with their phone in the schoolyard.

Others said they were shocked that the school had the audacity to put it up. "You never know exactly how the parent's situation works and why he or she is on the phone". 

A lot of people also agreed with this message and it was suggested that children should always be more important than a telephone. Children are always very enthusiastic about what they made or performed at school and that enthusiasm should not be inhibited because a parent happens to be busy with a phone.

Finally, someone indicated that this was a subject that needed to be addressed. "The school is great and this message shows that they clearly have the best for our children and their ultimate interest is OUR children!"

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