RIVM to produce more information on vaccines

RIVM to produce more information on vaccines

After all the fuss in recent years about whether or not to vaccinate your child, the RIVM has now announced more time to talk to parents who have questions about the usefulness of vaccinating their children, the possible fears they have, and to make information even better and clearer.

Further training

Nurses and doctors working with the National Vaccination Program will be offered an online course next year, paying special attention to the content of vaccines and the backgrounds of each vaccine. This aim is to prevent ambiguities and raise confidence in parents.

The measures are taken because the RIVM has already seen a decrease of% 0.5 for the two years in a row in the number of children being vaccinated. The percentage of vaccinated children in the Netherlands is at% 95.


More and more questions

Consultation agencies are getting more and enquiries from parents asking about vaccinations. They are happy to answer, but hope that this new course will increase their knowledge and understanding of the subject. It is still essential for people to vaccinate their children. The percentage of children vaccinated should not fall below% 90 because there is a high risk of serious infectious disease. The children who have not had any vaccinations can then easily become infected.

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