Puberty, not the baby years, is the most difficult time for parents

Puberty, not the baby years, is the most difficult time for parents

When you are pregnant everyone tells you that the first years are the hardest, because your baby can not do anything himself. Then it becomes easier. But new American research shows puberty is harder for mothers than those first years.

Scientists from Arizona State University questioned 2,200 mothers with children of various ages, according to DailyMail. They wanted to investigate how great the adjustment is for the mothers when they have children, and compare the different age categories of these children.

This research showed that the mothers of children in secondary school, especially children between the ages of 12 and 14, find it much more challenging. During this period the mothers felt the least satisfied with their own lives and being mothers, and the feelings of emptiness were the most present.

Puberty problems
Taking care of a baby is physically more exhausting, but adolescents cause much more stress. Physically they change, which brings with it a lot of emotions. In addition, there is the attraction to alcohol, sex and drugs that parents are very concerned about. In addition, teenagers increasingly distance themselves from their parents and they find friends and girlfriends much more important.

Researcher Suniya Luthar explains: "In a way, mothers are the 'first aid workers' for children who are in need. In adolescents they have to look for a new way to comfort their child, knowing that the earlier solutions - a hug, a sweet word, a story - no longer work. And then there is the hurtful feeling of painful remarks, rolling of the eyes, distance and even contempt of the parent, by a child who put you on a pedestal a few years earlier. That rejection can hurt a lot. "

Happy end
Fortunately, there is hope for all mothers who look up to these years: after this everything will be better. As soon as you are a mother of a (young) adult, that satisfaction peaks again according to the research.

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