Pregnant woman gives man a trophy for his chivalry

Pregnant woman gives man a trophy for his chivalry

One of the things my parents used to always drill into me was that I had to get up for elderly and pregnant when I went to high school on public transportation. But apparently, not everyone is educated because I hear many friends complain about the fact that nobody gets up for them on bus, train or tram. Apparently, across the ocean, it's not obvious that you stand up for pregnant women, because New York designer Yvonne Lin (38) had to wait two whole pregnancies before someone got up for her.

Yvonne came up with the idea of ​​making a trophy when noone stood for her. According to her, it is because men do not know how it feels to be pregnant and therefore they can not estimate how heavy it is to have a mature fetus on your hips. Additionally, everyone is now always on their phone.

# 1 Decent Dude

Instead of publicly pulling men through the ringer, it seemed to her a better idea to hand out a prize to the first man to stand for her. It became 34-year-old Ricky Barksdale, a stuntman and veteran. '# 1 decent guy' is on the trophy.


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