Pregnancy dementia is real and can last for two years

Pregnancy dementia is real and can last for two years

Pregnancy dementia, you have heard of it or have experienced it. It can be stubborn and annoying but also very funny in certain situations. Research has shown that it's real and can last two years!


According to research, the female brain changes structurally during pregnancy to get ready for maternity. The changes make sure that a mother is fully focused on her newborn child. This is because some parts of the brain shrink and other neurological parts become more specialized. These changes take place before and around the childbirth but can also last for two consecutive years.


25 women who first became mother were examined by brain scan. The researchers found that during pregnancy the gray mass in the brain decreased and was replaced by other neurons in specific parts of the brain. The same effect was not seen in 20 women who were never pregnant and not seen in men who participated in the study. Among these changes, the researchers could, among other things, deduce how attached a mother would be to her newborn child.

Similar to teenage brain

Researchers noted that the brain of a pregnant woman is similar to that of a growing teenage brain. It shows the same changes. According to the researchers, there is speculation about it, but you can say that the female brain is undergoing further maturation or enlargement when it becomes ready for maternity. A kind of fine tuning, you might say.

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