Practical tips: how to find a good babysitter

Practical tips: how to find a good babysitter

To find a good and above all reliable babysitter: that is one of the challenges that you will face as a new-born's parent. Because no, although in the beginning you think you want to be with your baby for the rest of your life: this is not the case. And so you will have to find someone. But how?

First of all: think what kind of babysitter you are looking for. Are you looking for someone who sporadically comes to an evening when you and your husband go out to eat and take a movie? Or are you looking for a babysitter that has to take care of your little one for three whole days a week?

For example, for a sporadic babysitting session you can follow the following tips.

During pregnancy yoga
You can ask your childless friends if they know someone, but that will yield little. So ask around in your inner-baby circle. For example, ask during the pregnancy yoga - while you're puffing wide-legged - whether the other ladies already have a babysitter.

At the daycare
At the daycare where your baby / child is going ask the leaders if they know someone.

Neighbor girls
Do you have good contact with your neighbors? Perhaps your student neighbor can use an extra pocket money. She also lives close by, ideal! If there is something that she does not know how to handle, she can immediately call in her parents.

Nowadays you have several sites where supply and demand are brought together when it comes to a babysitter. Google the word "babysitter" with your place of residence and you will come across various sites. Please read the conditions carefully. Are the babysitters screened or not? And what are the costs?

- When in doubt do not: your feeling is always the best advisor.

- Ask for references.

- Meet the babysitter when your children are there to see if they click.

- Ask as many questions as possible during the introductory meeting.

- Make clear agreements: what is part of the package? Can he / she invite someone? What kind of tariff do you agree on? What are the rules about the children? Is there a curfew?

However, if you are looking for someone who fits your child for a number of days during the week, you can opt for a childminder. This is often more expensive.

How did you find a good babysitter?

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