Potty training: tips to help your child be clean and dry at night

Potty training: tips to help your child be clean and dry at night

Is it high time that your child no longer needs a diaper at night? We give you a number of tips to get your child clean and dry at night!

A simple yet effective trick: do not drink one hour to an hour and a half before bedtime.

Make sure that your child makes it a habit to at least have a pee before he or she goes to bed.

Make sure you adjust the bedroom and bedding of your child. Provide a night light next to the bed so that your child can easily walk to the bathroom. Do not use diapers for more than three years, instead place a waterproof cover over the mattress. Also do not use flannel pajamas and heavy bedding. This makes it harder for your child to feel when it has to get up to urinate.

Wake up your child at the time you go to bed. Your child then has a few hours of sleep behind him and can go to the bathroom for a while before you both go (further) to sleep. It is a simple trick, and often effective. Eventually your child will probably wake up after a few hours and can go to the bathroom independently. In addition, he gets self-confidence.

Use a bedwetting alarm. The child sleeps on a special sheet or with a special pants that is connected to a bell. As soon as the sheet or the pants gets wet, the bell goes off and the child can go to the toilet.

What also wants to help is to simply not do diapers anymore at night. This produces some wet sheets in the beginning, but often works after a few nights. Chances are that your child will also wake up at night if he or she has peed, because the bed has become wet. Cold turkey maybe, but it does work for many people.

Don't punish them if they pee, but praise your child if he or she succeeds in staying dry at night. Reward them in a positive way if you manage to do this for several days in a row (cook his favorite food, or let him stay up a bit longer, for example). So do not get angry when your child pees in bed! This scares your child and worsens the problem.

What are your tips?

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