Pictured: A delivery in a car!

Pictured: A delivery in a car!

Birth photographers take a lot of lovely photographs. For example, birth photographer Paulina Splechta snapped a delivery in the back seat of a car.

Mother Paula D'Amore knew after the first contractions that it was high time to go to the hospital. Photographer Paula had already shot many beautiful images during the initial phase of the delivery, soon it was time to go to the hospital. Paulina went to her hospital in her own car.

No hospital delivery
Once there she jumped out of the car and walked to Paula's car. To her great surprise, she saw that Paula's husband, Joe, had the baby's head in his hands! She realized that it would not be a hospital birth at all...

It was a stressful situation, but everything went very calmly. "Everyone had their own role. The doula, Lindsay Ripley, accompanied and supported the mother. The father held the baby's head, Paula endured the last contractions to bring her child healthy and the nursing staff at the hospital knew exactly what to do and helped the child into the world."

The photos:

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