Photographer records special delivery in hospital corridor

Photographer records special delivery in hospital corridor

Jes Hogan, mother of six, recently shared her story about her last and most special birth. This was recorded by birth photographer Tammy Karin. She produced unique images, because the delivery took place in an unexpected place.

Jes says that the contractions had already started long ago, but that the birth did not get under way. After a few days of contractions, it suddenly went very fast. Super fast.

"We will not reach the hospital!"
Jes thought they were not going to get the hospital and that she had to bring the baby home in the world. But her husband, Travis, was well prepared. He put her in the car and drove to the hospital with an emergency. Meanwhile, she called Karin, the photographer who had to register the birth.

At first there was no one around to help. Meanwhile, the birth photographer had also arrived and saw what chaos it was. 

"Catch him!"
He already felt the baby coming. I shouted: "O God, he is here. Then I took off my pants because I felt that my body was pushing the baby out. I felt downstairs and I felt his head in my hands. I looked at my husband and said, "Travis, catch him!" Without hesitating for a moment, he did what I asked. I felt my body automatically push the baby out of it. "

This all happened in the hallway of the hospital, while Karin took pictures. The images show how it went. Eventually the nurses came running to help. Little Max came into the world while his mother lay on the floor in the hallway of the hospital.

"It was the craziest delivery I experienced, but the most perfect one. It was not at all what I had planned, but it happened without any intervention. I got a healthy baby. "

Photos: Little Leapling Photography

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