Parents want advice about high-school

Parents want advice about high-school

Nearly half (44 percent) of elementary schools feel pressured by parents who want their children to go to higher secondary education.

This is evidenced by an evaluation of the Ministry of Education's Final Examination PO. If the results of the final test show that a student has scored well, one third of the parents at the school is in favor of advice about upper schools. 

60 percent of parents with children who score higher than expected expect a conversation with the school.

The evaluation, for which parents have been interviewed, shows that one in seven parents thinks that the school needs to adjust the advice given a high final test score.

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  • samule331

    There is some information about being sure by an audit of the National Institute of Physical Education's Disciplinary Testing Service. I need to mention to them. If the results of the final exam indicate that a student has been successful, one-third of parents in the school are in favor of learning about colleges.

  • Kirestin-Lane

    The parents should realize that their arguing habits to get education can make their kids rude and insensitive when talking about them. I suggest you using in order to let your frustration out in the form of words. I see the writing potential in you.

  • Liam38

    The management of the education board has the right to final about and give the date of the final exams. They had to talk with the teacher of the high to finalize the date of it for the students. The parents looking to you for this decision.

  • MarkNoble

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