Parents share hilarious reasons for their child's tantrum

Parents share hilarious reasons for their child

Toddlers are strange creatures. They throw themselves to the ground because they are not allowed to lick the batteries from the remote control and they start to froth from anger if you have accidentally smeared peanut butter on bread. Even though they wanted a peanut butter sandwich.

Parents regularly share hilarious photos on social media with reasons why children have ended up in a tantrum. These ones are fantastic.

"You'll have it soon!"

She was already dressed for the wedding



What a tasty snack.

But mama please!

Let's just leave that at home...

Give that baby a banana!

Get. Out. They. Way!

Waiting takes so long!

Sometimes there's just no getting through.

Waiting until they cool down is so unreasonable.

Those little hands are so awkward.

Sometimes even sharing a table is just too difficult.

If you want to see more of this hilarity, visit the great blog: 'reasons why my son is crying' 

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