Paralysed but expecting, wonderful!

Paralysed but expecting, wonderful!

A couple who expect a baby together, no surprise there. But one of the two was paralyzed from his waist and never thought he could raise a child. And so Amanda and Todd announce their pregnancy with a lot of humor and happiness.

In 2014, Todd Krieg was paralyzed after a car accident. He traveled from Ohio to California to participate in a rehabilitation program, and that is where he met Amanda Diesen. Todd fell in love with the beautiful rehabilitation specialist, and when he returned to Ohio in 2016, Amanda moved with him.

Not much later, Amanda discovered she was pregnant. A big surprise, because Todd was not sure he could create a child with his paralysis.

To announce the pregnancy, the couple organized a photo shoot. They wrote with chalk 'It still works' on the wall, and took a hilarious picture, with Amanda giving Todd a thumbs up. What a wonderful, joyous moment.

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