Overweight children come from overweight parents

Overweight children come from overweight parents

Obesity in children is partly determined by the weight of their parents. According to new research, the combination of the weight of father and mother may determine about 40 percent of the child's overweight weight.

Different countries

The researchers at the University of Sussex compared the height and weight of 100,000 children and their parents from six different countries: the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Indonesia, Spain and Mexico.

Heredity seems to have the biggest effect on overweight children. In children who had a healthy or low BMI, their weight was 20 percent determined by their parents.

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  • FisherSamantha

    I do not think it is hereditary as there is no research to back this claim. They should start using chaga mushroom powder in their food if they really want to lose some weight.

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