Original: child's drawing as a tattoo

Original: child

I always get a little crazy about all those works of art that my children take home. I have the most beautiful framed and hung on the wall. But there is another way to immortalize your child's drawings. How about a tattoo, for example?

That dragon, rose or dolphin ... Maybe you're not the only one to have such a tattoo. If you really want to be original then a self-created creation is surely the best. These parents came up with the idea to have their child's drawing tattooed on themselves...

Yesterday's kid's masterpiece! #eyepollutiontattoo #kiddrawingtattoo #kiddrawing #sctattooartist #boilingspringstattoo

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Did this one awhile back, love it, forgot to post! Kid drawings are the best! #kiddrawingtattoo #butterflytattoos #crayontattoo

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#kiddrawingtattoo #crayonart #markerart #fatherdaughter #love #tattoo #forever #dad #daughtertattoo

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