No more sex for reality star Whitney Port since pregnancy

No more sex for reality star Whitney Port since pregnancy

Let's talk about sex during pregnancy. Do you want more of it or not so much? Reality star Whitney Port, whom we know from the MTV series The Hill and The City, is pregnant with her first child and confesses that she has no sex life since falling pregnant.

Her sense of sex has disappeared because she feels rather insecure about her body. If you feel sorry for her husband, it is not necessary, because his libido has also dropped to zero. Not because he no longer finds her attractive, but more because Whitney thinks she is constantly saying to him: "Do not look!" And because he can not look at her when she is changing clothes.

Do you want more sex?
Fortunately not everyone reacts the same as Whitney, because sex during pregnancy is absolutely fine. There are different positions that feel more comfortable when your belly grows bigger. Maybe it'll surprise you and you'll find you want it more! 

How is / was it your sex life during your pregnancy?

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