No idea if you're having a girl or boy: go team Green!

No idea if you

"Oh congratulations on your pregnancy, do you know what it is?" You will probably have heard that question several times when you are pregnant, or have been. Nowadays, the answer increasingly seems to be "no idea". 'Team Green' is gaining in popularity! Team green means that you want the sex of your unborn child to be a surprise.

But why do not you want to know the gender? After all, it is very handy to pick a name and find nice clothes for the unborn child? 

You do not have to hear stereotypes all day like a boy: "oh then he will play football. Stand along the line on Saturday morning! "Or with a girl:" get some crowns, dresses and pink dresses at home. 

Everyone suddenly thinks they know how to find out whether you get a boy or a girl, all the old wives' tales came out.

Team Green means maybe no typical boy or girls presents.

You save something very special and special. We already know so much nowadays. Gender, size, height, weight and even the name is nowadays already being announced before birth.

Naturally, this is also a very special moment during childbirth. You live for the moment when you will meet your child, that is always the case, but if you do not know the gender, there is still an extra dimension to it - an extra surprise

Did you want to know the sex of your unborn child? Why yes or not?

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