New trend in childbirth? Getting creative with...the umbilical cord?

New trend in childbirth? Getting creative with...the umbilical cord?

There is a new trend in post-partum care: umbilical cord art! After the placenta smoothies, we thought we had seen the craziest things on this subject, but boy were we wrong.

It's catching on!
Mothers from all over the world proudly share their photos of what they have made, and I am not talking about their offspring. No, it is the umbilical cord that plays the leading role in many photos on social media.

The creative mothers spell, among other things, the name of their newborn son or daughter with the cord, make hearts out of them or even dream catchers.



Umbilical cord in the oven
Once baby is born and the umbilical cord is fresh, you can bend it into almost every possible shape. The umbilical cord, not the baby!

Then you put the umbilical cord in the oven and bake it at a low temperature. This way the umbilical cord dries completely and stays in shape.

Although we at first reacted a bit shocked,, this is a very unique way to immortalize the new life that comes from your body. Or something.


I've got my daughter's cord safely tucked away in a box...what about you?

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