Nesting turned me into a dictator!

Nesting turned me into a dictator!

I am not the biggest one for cleaning up, usually my house is "lively" or "disorder". This changed during pregnancy.

During the first few months of my (first) pregnancy I saw typical ailments such as cravings and nesting a little bit as affectation. Maybe this was ignorance, because from a month or five it started to change a bit. Initially, it started innocently with vacuuming and sometimes shifting the furniture. But soon it got worse. The list had to be ticked off every day. The baby room had to be addressed. AND NOW! And yes, the baby room was reasonably white. But there is fairly white and radiant white. Need I say more?

Angry dictator

I think I was a kind of angry dictator when it came to nesting and decorating. I will not be surprised if I hear that the painter's team wanted away from me as soon as they could. And besides the fact that at that time everything NOW, AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, had to be ASAP, I also made a small contribution myself when it came to nesting. Really; what hormones can do to a woman ...

The tea bags were almost in alphabetical order in the kitchen cabinet. The baby room looked like in the store. The stamps for the birth announcement cards neatly arranged on my desk. The baby clothes were all neatly washed and ironed but under normal circumstances I fold everything up once heavy handed. Windows were spotless, kitchen was so clean you could eat your dinner from the dog-bowl.

Even the plants in the house finally lived for more than four months, apparently also the nurturing part of me was completely awake. I checked whether my ready-bag was ready fourteen times because too much is better than too little, right?

Like snow in the sun

The strange thing is that it (unfortunately?) goes back to normal a few months after the birth. Meanwhile my house looks like I wrote before: a warm and loving day nursery, but one that did not survive the inspection. Tea bags are all mixed up in a box, clothes are waiting to be ironed, toys swing around, white is the new bright white and I could go on. And even crazier; the second pregnancy there was no trace of nesting. No matter how crazy it sounds, I liked that nesting. A tidy house is a tidy head. Maybe I should go and do that cleanup course that everyone has raved about so much.

Pregnant girls who are in this phase; enjoy it. And partners of the ladies; it'll be fine. In a few months it'll all be back to normal.

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