Need help sleeping through the night? How about a night-nanny?

Need help sleeping through the night? How about a night-nanny?

A good night's sleep is something that many parents would kill for, but getting that is very difficult if your child wakes up six to seven times a night. If you really do not mind it or you can just afford it; call the night nanny!

What is a nightnanny?
This phenomenon comes, of course, from America. Initially to relieve parents of multiple births but business people and Hollywood stars saw the night care for their newborn son or daughter also sit. The 'night nanny' has also become established in England and the supply is growing steadily in the Netherlands.

The nanny ensures that you do not have to get out of bed when your child wakes up in the night and helps you sleep with your child. This way you can enjoy your night's rest without worries and you'll be fresh and fruity the next morning to take care of your child or go to work.

Reasons why parents choose a nightnnny:

  • Over-tired in the first weeks with newborn baby
  • During illness of parent (s) itself
  • Sleep after a night out
  • You want to get away together, overnight or weekend

Nightnanny too expensive?
For many households, such a luxury simply can not be afforded. We understand that very well. That's why we also give you some tips to help your baby sleep, so that you can get started and maybe do not need a night-nanny

  • Make sure the bedroom is as dark as possible. Your body needs darkness to make melatonin - the sleep hormone.
  • White noise can help babies doze off.
  • Physical contact can also help you doze off. Experiment with touches, gentle patting and caresses.
  • Dimming the lights, playing classical music and limiting screen time at bedtime also stimulates a good night's sleep.
  • And finally: keep a strict routine

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