My husband does not do anything around the house...

My husband does not do anything around the house...

When you did not have any children in a distant past, there seemed to be no problem: the housekeeping went very smoothly. You never stopped to think how often you or your partner emptied the garbage can, cleaned the dishwasher or put the washing machine on. But then children came and everything went out the window!

Distribution of roles
Now, because of children in the house, the washing machine is working overtime, the house has to be cleaned up much more often, the garbage bin always seems to be full (also the dishwasher) and vacuuming is a daily ritual. To take the family in the right direction, it is hard work and teamwork is the magic word. Both parents will have to roll up their sleeves to make the family and the household run smoothly. There is no teamwork with the Australian mother and blogger Constance Hall. In fact, she feels that anything and everything in the household is done by her. She has enough of that, time to express her frustration in a Facebook post.

Just do it
In her post on Facebook she says that someone had advised her to give her partner clear assignments in the household. Something like: "Can you put the garbage bag outside" or "can you get up once when the children wake up". Constance tried this out and indeed, when Constance gave her husband an assignment, he went to work quite happily. But when nothing was asked for by Constance, nothing happened. She's getting tired of prompting him and wonders why can't JUST DO IT.

On Facebook, Constance received a lot of support from other mothers. For these women too, the man of the house does little or nothing in the household. Other mothers indicate that they prefer to give lists of tasks to their husbands. This way they know that stuff will get done. Other mothers let them know that they have a man who never complains and just gets on with things.

We are of course curious how it goes at your home? Are you a super team together with your partner or do you give your partner tasks every day in the household?

Source - Facebook, Constance Hall

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