Moving: father tattoos scar of son with cancer on his head

Moving: father tattoos scar of son with cancer on his head

Eight-year-old Gabriel Marshall from Kansas, America, was told in March 2015 that he had a brain tumor. An operation was necessary, among other things. From this he had a large scar on his head, which made him very insecure. But his father knew what to do.

His father Josh (28) decided to give his son's self-esteem a boost and he did this with great dedication: he took off all his hair and had a copy of his son's scar tattooed on his head.

Staring at two people
With his action, daddy wanted Josh to look like his son after the treatments. "If people want to stare, they can now stare at two people," he told Gabriel.

Josh's gesture has loosened a lot online. On social media he was soon nominated for the # BestBaldDad competition, or: the competition for the Best Bald Dad. Josh won it on easily. And Gabriel? He is now running around with a full head of hair.


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