Mothers, make sure you are also in the picture!

Mothers, make sure you are also in the picture!

"There are no pictures of me and the baby on the day he was born!" a friend of mine recently told me her regret. There are pictures with the proud dad and the very happy grandfathers and grandmothers. All taken by her, but nobody has thought on that special day to also take a picture of the new mother and her newborn baby.

It strikes me that, usually, mothers are the photographers within a family. Especially now that every smartphone is equipped with a camera, thousands of pictures are taken of the growing children, but usually without mommy in the picture.

Lack of photos with mom
I take so many pictures of my children: from when they are playing, when they have learned a new trick again or when they have smeared their face full of beetroot. But also when they cuddle with grandmother, when grandfather reads them a book and when they are frolicking with daddy. Pictures of me with the children are actually too few, in my opinion. Here and there, there is a grainy selfie, in which my child is laughing and my chin is in the upper right corner.

Yet it is extremely important for children to be able to see later how much their mother loved them. That she gave them innumerable kisses, went to the zoo with them and put them in the bath. Because it is nice for children to see how loved they were, but also because it is good to see what kind of woman their mother was. Because they will become as old as their mother in time, and because it is important to see how she did it and what she looked like at the time.

Fathers: pay attention!
So here is an important task for the fathers in the family: make sure you take at least as many photos of your girlfriend or wife together with the children as the other way around. Even if she 'does not look her best' (as she might say). Because even with that weird spot on her head and that washed-out T-shirt she is still the mother of your children and that can also be seen. And is she nicely dressed up? Then simply shoot a few extra photos!

Are you the photographer within the family?

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