Mothers do all this every day...

Mothers do all this every day...

Even though we all approach parenting differently, there are quite a few similarities between mothers. For example:

  • Providing help or making a call from the toilet
  • Fantasize about 5 spare minutes.
  • Always needing more coffee.
  • Doubting about what we are going to eat tonight.
  • You wonder whether the children are sitting behind the screen for too long.
  • Ensuring that everyone gets enough vitamins.
  • Thinking "Well I'm so glad I cleaned that...NOT!"
  • Stumbling over / standing on things on the floor that you have not left behind.
  • Tidying up rubbish that others in the family DO NOT see.
  • Keeping an eye on the schedule for the coming week.
  • Wondring if you have not forgotten something.
  • Giving directions
  • Giving even more directions
  • Thinking / feeling that you are so terribly tired
  • Thinking: "Why are children so dirty?!" If you have to flush the toilet again for someone else or find a snob]t bubble on a sleeve.
  • Does earwax ever stop coming?

And when you finally get to bed, you worry about what you can expect tomorrow ...


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