Mother wears only six garments to prove that it is enough

Mother wears only six garments to prove that it is enough

For many women a nightmare: Only six items to wear, but Frederique Gulcher, a 39-year-old mother from New Zealand, decided to face this challenge. At a time when clothing is so cheap that it can be thrown away in basketfuls at a time, this mother found it important to go back to what is really important.

The challenge was clear: for six weeks you can use up to 10 clothes. Frederique thought that was too generous and only wore six different items of clothing. She did this to combat exploitation in the clothing industry.

By doing the challenge Frederique proved that it is really easy, and very nice to have little clothes. For six weeks she made outfits of the following items:

- Black leggings
- A black dress that could also be worn as a skirt
- A short white cotton shirt
- A black shirt with a V-neck
- A striped shirt with three-quarter sleeves
- A purple-blue skirt

Every day she made her outfit with some accessories and the fun: her colleagues did not even notice!


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