Mother's blood pressure can influence the baby's sex


Many myths, fables, and old-wives tales exist around choosing the sex of a baby. Conception on a full moon is commonly believed to mean the child will be a girl, even though there is no evidence for it! But one factor could prove insightful: the blood pressure of the mother before conception. 

Doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto monitored 1,411 women, about 26 weeks before conception. They discovered that there was a connection between blood pressure and sex of the baby. "The average systolic blood pressure prior to pregnancy was higher in women who then got a boy," they have claimed.



Research Director Dr. Ravi Retnakaran explains: "The woman's blood pressure has so far been overlooked as a factor of determining the sex of the baby. This new insight can have implications for our understanding of the differences in the number of boys and girls born into the world"

Do not intentionally influence this

There is no mention in the study if the intentional influencing of blood pressure can influence the sex of the baby; it's only reported that differences in blood pressure are probably environmental. The influence is only very slight in any case.

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