Mother of twins unexpectedly receives help on the plane

Mother of twins unexpectedly receives help on the plane

A flight with a baby can be very stressful. So if you go on your own with twins, your stress level can go sky high! This happened to a mother during a domestic flight in the United States. Fortunately, there was a fellow passenger who came to help unexpectedly.

A mother with twins of around six months hopped on the plane and literally and figuratively had her hands full. The plane was completely occupied and that meant that she could no longer keep the car seat that she used for one of her babies, and it was stored in the hold. Now she had two babies in her arms. A stewardess made it clear to her that she could not sit on the plane this way.

Mother helps mother
Luckily there was another mother who unexpectedly came to her aid. She offered to hold one of the babies on her lap. She even gave the baby a bottle and let it feed. When her own child began to cry, she explained to her daughter that it is important to help others.

Then she sang a song for the baby who then slept the entire flight.


What an incredibly beautiful gesture from one mother to another!

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