Mother makes shock confession about baby with Down Syndrome

Mother makes shock confession about baby with Down Syndrome

Claire Ferrington's son Theo was three weeks old when she found out that he had Down's syndrome. Although she loves him dearly she still wants to confess something.

Just after they got the diagnosis, the ground dropped from Claire's feet. "I wish I had an abortion, that he did not survive, I was so off the map that I punched a wall." Claire is now very embarrassed about these thoughts.

During the whole pregnancy, there was nothing to notice about Theo. He came through the echoes every time with flying colors. Also during the 20-week ultrasound nothing abnormal was found.

Theo was born at just 29 weeks. Claire went to the hospital for a routine appointment, where she was told that her son was receiving too little oxygen and had stopped growing. Claire says that she felt that something was being taken away from her. She had been looking forward to the last weeks of pregnancy, to decorating the baby room and to cuddling for hours with her newborn son. In one fell swoop she had to say goodbye to those wishes. Theo subsequently came into the world quickly via Caesarean section.

When he was three weeks old, the diagnosis Down syndrome was made. "I had a lot of preconceptions about Down syndrome, and I thought it was terrible that we as parents were dealing with this now."

A few months later - when Theo had long been out of hospital - during a family vacation in Croatia, Claire noticed that she had accepted her son's diagnosis. "We were an ordinary family, just like any other family, Theo is a wonderful, cheerful little man." She continues: "I feel sorry for the woman I was at the hospital ..."

Claire says that she has read a lot about Down syndrome in the meantime and that she finds that it helps her to be well informed. "I would like to tell other mothers that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is still difficult to adjust our vision of the future, but Theo means everything to us, and his life is worth nothing less than that of any other child. He is perfect."


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