Mother makes brownies with her own milk for sale at school

Mother makes brownies with her own milk for sale at school

We don't really know what to think: an anonymous mother confessed online that she has used her own mother's milk to make brownies that are intended for sale at school. She had no time to go to the store to buy milk ...

In the message of the, the confessing mother states that she has only used a little bit, also according to her some children can use the extra vitamins. But now one of the other mothers at the school found out what she had done with the brownies and made a big deal out of it. 

The reaction reacts with disgust. Someone says: "It is f***ing bodily fluid! I also breastfeed, I am very much for breastfeeding, but if my children get body fluid from someone else inside, I would make a thing of it too!"

According to experts, the chance of disease being spread through breast milk is small, but it is possible. And what if the mother has used alcohol or drugs?

How would you feel if your child received breast milk from another mother?

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  • Austin6

    This one of saddest and unpleasant for every person who reads this because when it comes to children's health it is difficult for every parent to compromise. The action of this mother might prove dangerous for children's health. If you are trying to get scholarships to medical study you can get better opportunities to avail of these offers. I have seen some scholarship announcements on you can grab this for better facilities and offers.

  • samule331

    In the message of the God, the replied mother defined that she had utilized too little, too, according to some of her children could use vitamin supplements. You can have Collegessaywriters for them. But right now one of the other moms in school finds out what she has done with brown enthusiasts and made a big break out of it.

  • tomashailor

    This is a very unpleasant story. When it comes to children's health, you need to be very careful. Milk could cause an allergic reaction. Today she was too lazy to go to the store, and tomorrow she will not be able to do homework with her child and teach him how to use essay writing service.

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