Mother in tears when her child can hear for the first time

Mother in tears when her child can hear for the first time

When your little one does something for the first time, the tears may just fly out of your eyes. The first steps, the first time he says 'mama' say or, in this case, the first time she hears something...

For Mother Anna Esler, an emotional moment came when her 1-year-old daughter Ayla could hear for the first time. The moment was recorded on camera and the video has since went viral.

While Ayla is sitting on her mother's lap in the doctor's office, her cochlear implants were tested for the first time. The girl starts giggling when she hears sounds for the first time. Her mother wells up, understandably!!

Being deaf
After Ayla went down twice for her hearing test after her birth, she was found to suffer from hearing loss. The family then learned how to deal with the hearing loss of their daughter and sister with the doctors of the Cook Children's Healt Care System.

In a blog from the hospital Anna and her husband Will tell: "Being deaf is not bad, it is different. We have spent a lot of time preparing for a life in which Ayla can not hear. We had to put things down next to us, like they would never hear our voices, listen to music, the sound of laughter. We had to find another way to enjoy these things, for example with vibrations or "hearing" through her eyes. "

But everything changed when they heard that Ayla was eligible for Cochlear implants. These implants are electronic devices that allows hearing impaired and deaf people to hear something again.


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