Mother helps her own child into the world during Caesarean section

Mother helps her own child into the world during Caesarean section

Australian mother of four children Sarah Toyer posted some beautiful pictures of her special caesarean section on the Facebook page Birth Without Fear.

The pictures show how, dressed in an operating sheet, she helps her own son on the operating table during the caesarean section. With her photographs she hopes to inspire other mothers to pursue childbirth as they wish.

It had been her dream to be able to take her baby out of her belly during birth. When Sarah found out that she would give her son a Caesarean section, she asked her caregivers about the possibilities. Everyone listened to her, but told her that it was entirely dependent on the surgeon's decision at the time.

Sarah has posted her story and the breathtaking pictures because she hopes that other women will realize that it is worth the effort to strive for the delivery you want. Even if your child is born via a cesarean section, there are often options to make this happen in the best possible way.

(Unfortunately, this does not apply to every woman, sometimes due to medical complications it is not possible to get the delivery as described in your birth plan.)


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