Mother gives birth in twins' car and in the meantime she gives directions to hospital

Mother gives birth in twins

Dacia Pittman is living proof of women being able to multitask. In the car she gave birth to twins and in the meantime she gave her husband directions to go to the hospital.

Dacia was 38 weeks pregnant with her twins when she had a restless night behind her. When she fell asleep for a while and woke up early in the morning, she felt contractions and they persisted. Time to go to the hospital!

Have given birth earlier than expected
She woke up her husband Marcus, called her sister-in-law to catch their two older sons and left for the hospital. But in the car she got the idea that she was giving birth quickly ... "Honey, I think we are not going to make it ..." she told her husband.

Shortly after, baby Everett came into the world in their Jeep. And while she was busy giving birth, her husband asked how they actually got to the hospital. He did not know the way ... He had been to appointments at the midwife, but the hospital was still an unknown place for him ...

So in addition to giving birth she also gave instructions on how to drive there. Ten minutes later, Dacia gave birth to a girl named Amelia!

When they were near the hospital, Dacia advised the way to the emergency room. The doctors and nurses met the couple there. Fortunately the babies were strong and big enough and they could go home after only two days.

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