Mother explains why she did the delivery alone, without medical assistance

Mother explains why she did the delivery alone, without medical assistance

34-year-old Lacey Haynes birthed her daughter together with her partner without medical assistance. The British mother says that 'free birth', a birth without a medical burden like scans, tests and medication, helped her to become a better mother.

No doctors
The pregnancy and sexuality coach had only one doctor's appointment during her pregnancy. Then she decided that the medical route was not for her.

Trust in your own body
"The whole technocratic approach to pregnancy and childbirth was not in line with my lifestyle," she says in Metro. With this 'approach' she means the protocol, the scans and the confidence of expert opinions instead of confidence in her own body.

Not recommended
Lacey is realistic and certainly does not recommend a 'free birth' to everyone. "That would be irresponsible," she says. "I knew what the risks were and yet I opted for a free birth at home". The birth of her daughter took place at home in front of her husband. The two had no help and cut the umbilical cord themselves.

Photos: Instagram: @verylacey

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  • FisherSamantha

    I liked reading the words of this mother, I liked how she explained her situation. I got to know about it from a review on, it was quite an interesting one to read. You should check it out as well, it's good.

  • Damiancayden

    I am glad that this lady decided to do the delivery alone, because that is a brave decision. Everyone working at company applauds this woman for the decision that she took here.

  • Johndalton

    That's an interesting experience, but I totally agree - this is not for everyone! I was a graduate student while pregnancy, and it was very hard for me to finish everything. So the delivery alone, without medical assistance, was not my variant as I was worried about many things at the time. To relieve stress from the education I used some help with my assignment by delegating it to professional writing service - read this article to learn more about it. Luckily, I finished my studies and born my baby in good health! And the woman in this article has a lot of courage! Nice post!

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