Mother concludes: no men are good enough for my children

Mother concludes: no men are good enough for my children

Australian mother of two daughters Kasey Edwards states in an opinion piece on  Daily Life that she and her husband have stated that men will never care for her children.

In her article she refers to an article that describes that sexual abuse in children is almost always done by men. And mainly by men from the child's own environment: fathers, grandfathers, other family members, friends or, for example, teachers or coaches in a sports class.

Precautionary measures

To take precautionary measures, Kasey and her husband have decided that no men may watch their children. Even their own grandfathers may never be alone with their granddaughters. She also does not let her daughter stay with friends, because she can not keep an eye on whether there is always supervision by women. Her daughters do not go to summer camps, or to clubs for the same reason. An extreme measure, as she herself admits

"Would I rather be a more relaxed mother? Yes of course! But for me it weighs heavier that I know in this way that I am doing everything I can to keep my daughters safe ... "she says.

Kasey's decision really sounds a bit extreme. What do you think?

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