Mother captures why breastfeeding is so special

Mother captures why breastfeeding is so special

Ashlee Chase captures exactly why she breastfeeds her daughter in one photo.

Let me start by emphasizing that a seven-month-old baby is not too old to breast-feed! The WHO (World Health Organiazation) advises mothers to feed their children for at least two years. Now, of course, seven months is a pretty long period, but not too long.

White and yellow milk
Ashlee practices breastfeeding and does not intend to stop there in the short term. On the picture we see two kinds of milk, one of which is clearer a lot lighter than the other. "The light milk is from three days ago," says Ashlee, "Elliot was healthy, the lower milk, the yellow one, is now Elliot has a fever and wants to drink all day long."

It is known that mother's milk contains antibodies and that children can tell by their saliva that they have something among the members. The mother's body then goes on to add antibodies to the milk to fight off the disease more quickly.

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