Most criticism raising your children comes from your parents

Most criticism raising your children comes from your parents

How often do you receive unsolicited (well-intended) advice or criticism from friends, girlfriends, strangers or family? Research shows that you mainly get criticism from your own parents when it comes to the way you raise your child.

Even though it may be well-intentioned, it can cause quite a lot of frustration and insecurity as a new mother. Research, conducted at the University of Michigan, shows that 6 in 10 mothers with children aged 0 to 5 years get criticism from their own parents about how they discipline their child, bedtime, and breastfeeding.

Parents of the mother
The parents of the mother are at the forefront of giving so-called well-intentioned advice. Even though it is well-meant, it does not mean that you feel good about it, especially if you are already feeling insecure about the situation.

Researcher Sarah Clark: "Mothers can feel overwhelmed by so many sometimes opposing advice about the 'best' way of parenting. Especially advice or criticism from someone close to you and your child can give you the feeling that you are not doing well as a mother. That can be very annoying. "

What do grandmothers criticize?
The research showed that 70 percent of grandmothers mainly criticize the way a child is disciplined. In a second place with 52 percent there is criticism on the food that you serve your child. 39 percent of the mothers surveyed are criticized for the bottle / breastfeeding, followed by the safety of the child and the care of your child.

The study was conducted among 475 mothers with children aged 0 to 5 years.

What advice from your parents did you find annoying to receive.

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