Men save baby, toddler, and father from sinking car

Phillip Ocheltree was traveling with his two young children in Texas when his car was hit by a tornado. The car tilted and headed into the water, with the whole family still in it. Bystanders saw it happening and intervened.

One of the men, who told the  Daily Mail that he was unable to help, filmed the incident. The movie shows how the men tried for a few minutes to open the doors. That did not work, and the car filled slowly with water. Eventually, the man with the red T-shirt managed to get the baby through the window from the car.


While the baby was being rescued, the other men were saving the toddler, Addy. Addy was not breathing but was resuscitated. The father was also rescued and all three are doing well.

In the east of Texas, several tornados raged over a number of smaller places in recent days. Tragically four people died. Many houses have been destroyed.

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