Many plastic toys contain toxins

Many plastic toys contain toxins

Plastic toys can contain toxic substances. Too much poison is found in the Rubik's Cube, a cube of colored boxes, and cars. The harmful substances can affect the nervous system and affect the brain development of children, the hormone and reproductive system.

This is evidenced by international research in 26 countries, including the Netherlands. It was conducted by a Czech environmental organization and IPEN, a network of unbound organizations in over 100 countries.

There is a danger in the plastic casing of electronic devices. The toxins OctaBDE and DecaBDE occurred in 90 percent of the investigated items. Nearly half of all products contained HBCD. Not only are children at risk but also employees who are engaged in recycling and production of these items.


The substances are prohibited in the European Union, but recycling is often done in countries in Africa and Asia where the rules are more flexible.

The organizations want the casing to be removed before recycling and, moreover, tougher limits for hazardous substances worldwide.

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