Life is more expensive for women than men

Life is more expensive for women than men

Are you scraping by week to week on your salary, barely making ends meet? Were you surviving on bread and soup until payday?? You're not alone. We women can not do anything about that. Research has shown that life is more expensive for us than for men. (And not because we buy more!)

study from the city of New York shows that women have a more expensive life. Women tend to pay more for similar products, and it adds up to thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime

Women still usually earn less than men, but we also pay more for similar products than men. The researchers compared 800 products: from care products to toys and clothing used by both sexes. In as much as 42% of cases, women pay more than men. The biggest difference is in the care products where women obviously pay more.

Also in Europe
In addition, the study also compares products in Europe. Here too you see a difference. For example, a Nivea deodorant for men costs 10% more than the female variant (Women Fresh). Disposable razors? Pay 10% extra, just because they come in pink. There are many other examples ...

Let's get shaving with men's razors!

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