Jokes to make baby laugh

As soon as a baby is old enough to show his or her first real smile, parents do everything they can to make their baby laugh. Rightly so - there's nothing quite as wonderful as a laughing baby.

Joke telling?

But how do you actually make them smile? Every child reacts differently to different jokes. One may laugh at you tearing paper while another doesn't care. The right kind of music, according to research, can make babies spontaneously laugh.

Caspar Addyman, a child development expert and musician psychologist Lauren Stewart, was contacted by baby food manufacturer Cow & Gate to look for the ideal parameters for a baby-friendly hit. They wanted a song to make the babies happy.

Extended criteria

After extensive research, the singer Imogen Heap was hired, a singer and composer who has won a Grammy award. The singer herself is also the mother of a daughter of eighteen months. They asked her to compose a melody with a number of basic rules: it had to be simple and repetitive, yet with enough dynamics, leaving the baby surprised and attentive. Also, the pace had to be quick, approximately equal to the heartbeat of a baby, which goes faster than that of an adult.

The Happy Song

The result of all these criteria became The Happy Song, a song that is quite hectic for the average adult, but babies love. Does it really work? Give it a try!

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