Injection for men as effective as female contraceptive pill

Injection for men as effective as female contraceptive pill

Research has shown that the male contraceptive injection is almost as effective in preventing pregnancy as the contraceptive pill that many women take. For this study, 350 men were injected with a combination of different hormones.

Side effects

The hormones injected into the men caused their implantation system to be "switched off". However, the investigation had to be discontinued prematurely because the hormone caused adverse side effects among a number of participants. Among other things, depression, acne and increased libido were observed. Twenty men stopped research early and eventually the whole study was canceled earlier than planned.

More reliable than condoms

During the study, men were given injections with two hormones: progesterone and testosterone. There was start-up period, in which both the participating men and their partners used contraception.

For about a year, they were given an injection every two months. Four partners of the participating men became pregnant. That is approximately equal to the level of reliability of the contraceptive pill for women and is even significantly more reliable than the condom that is only rouhgly 80% reliable.

Three-quarters of men were happy with results

Despite the side effects, three quarters of the men reported the contraception was successful. According to researchers, the side effects may be reduced by changing the dose of hormones or the way they are administered. 

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