'Infertile' woman has four children in one year

It may happen to you: a doctor tells you that you will probably never be able to have children in the natural way, and that IVF will not help either. It happened to the 31-year-old Charlotte Parker. Luckily for her, the doctors were very wrong: in less than a year she was the mother of not one, not two, not three, but FOUR CHILDREN!

The doctor said, during a routine examination, that she had too few oocytes and because of this the chance of a pregnancy by herself would be very small. The doctor had therefore told Charlotte and her husband to think about the donor egg cell.

In September 2016 their son Lewis was born, after a wonderful, complication-free pregnancy. The young family sat high on a blue cloud. In December 2016, Charlotte and Billy decided that they wanted to try again. So Charlotte started taking vitamins for pregnant women and against everyone's expectation she was already pregnant in January.

Three beating hearts
The second pregnancy, however, was a lot heavier than the first. Charlotte therefore suspected a twin pregnancy. Her suspicion was partly confirmed during the first ultrasound, when the sonographer counted three children in her womb!

Charlotte gave birth in time for the birthday of her son. What a wonderful story!


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