Important: give the child a strict bedtime for sufficient sleep

Important: give the child a strict bedtime for sufficient sleep

Do you as a mother want to maximize your chances of getting enough sleep? Then you should maintain a strict bedtime for your child. This is evident from Canadian research!

BMC Public Health investigated the sleep rhythm of 1622 Canadian parents by means of a number of questions. These parents have at least one child between five and seventeen years old.

Strict bedtime
This research showed that parents who have a strict bedtime and follow the rules in the evening routine sleep more than parents who use looser rules for bedtime. In addition, the study revealed that children who are told to go to bed, without any pressure being exerted, were 71% less likely to get the required sleep per night. This is in contrast to the children who are brought to bed at a fixed time.

Follow-up research needed
The only downside to the research: it is only based on the findings of the parents and not on objective measurements in which the quality and duration of sleep is tested. This should therefore be included in follow-up research.

Anyway: My children go to bed early at 19.30! ;-)

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