I'm a boring mother


You have those parents who drag their children to playgrounds, zoos, museums and amusement parks, those kids love it and I'm not going to say anything negative about it, rest assured, because it is also great for the children. The sticking point is: I'm a boring mother, and my husband is a boring father.

We love sitting at home. Cozyied up and chilling, relaxing, watching TV or playing a game. After all, we are already out of the house all week with work. In addition, my partner and I are fairly introverted types that do not get much enjoyment from hustle and bustle.

What do we do on weekends? Well, next to groceries and cleaning the whole house, we go to the children's farm. Or to grandma and grandmother. Or to our cousins ​​and cousins ​​of our little ones, or build a fort in the living room. This because we want to be home all during the week, so why go out at the weekend?

And now I'm afraid I'm doing my children a misservice. Because yes, I'm a boring mother. The last time we went to the zoo was six years ago, and I did not like it, and I was tired and I wanted to just sit in front of Netflix.

I actually thought that was normal to only go somewhere with your child once in a while. But when I recently spoke to another mother in the playground, I was overwhelmed with She told me she always enjoyed spending days with her family, and they do this every week. A zoo, a park and so on. I did not know what to do: Did I have to lie to her or admit that I am a mother who would rather sit with her child in her jogging pants?

I had my doubts, but I think that, so long as your children are getting a balanced experience and are happy, it doesn't matter if you don't go out all the time. You're definitely not alone!

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