I don't really feel like a mom until...

I don

Since I became a mother, many things have started to come naturally. But sometimes I really just don't feel like I'm a mother until...

... my child has a project for school and I've spent the night until 5am tinkering and fixing and sweating on it!

... we meet children from the nursery and their parents in the street and they greet my child and I get a "Hello mommy Rose!"

... I forget the water-wings again when we visit an afternoon pool or visit a swimming park.

... other parents in a playground try to have a conversation with me and ask how old he is. "SHE is two".

... my toddler is in pain and she only wants to be comforted by me.

... that same toddler shows up at the edge of my bed in the middle of the night and snuggles with us under the warm blankets.

... I have to prepare my daughter's birthday. Bake cakes, hang garlands, pack gifts, blow up balloons.

... we go away for a weekend and the whole house has to be taken with us ...

... I find out at the end of the SALE that I have only bought clothes for posterity and nothing for myself.

... When two very small arms are clamped around my neck and I hear "mama I love you"

Of course we are all always mothers, but when do you feel even moreso?

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