Humor: father measures son with a sandwich!

Humor: father measures son with a sandwich!

Normally you measure the growth of your child with something sensible, for example a measuring tape, but this father has found another original way to keep up with the growth of his son: namely with a cheese sandwich!

Lucas was two weeks old when his parents Brad and April Williams had their favorite food delivered at home: a cheesesteak, a famous delicacy from Philadelphia, United States. It is a sandwich with thin slices of steak that has been grilled in a special way, covered with onions and melted cheese.

The same length as the sandwich
When Brad had his sandwich in his hands, he saw that his sandwich was about the same length as his son. He took a picture and placed it on social media. He received so many positive comments that he decided to make it a monthly tradition.

His son is now two years old and is in the terrible-twos phase, and it's much harder to take these photos!

Nevertheless, Lucas even enjoys international fame. For example, in Germany he is called 'das Sandwich Baby'.

Almost as big as a banana
In addition to a cheese sandwich, you can measure the length of your child with something else:

Source:, Photo: Brad Williams

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