How to survive the summer heat during pregnancy

How to survive the summer heat during pregnancy

Summer pregnancies are not the most comfortable. You already feel like a bloated elephant and then there are the high temperatures, a clammy sky and sun. Here's how to make yourself a little more comfortable.

Cool in the pool
Find refreshment in the pool, because nothing is more refreshing than a splash. No swimming pool nearby or no desire to leave the house? Inflate an old child's bath and try to get yourself in it.

Spray bottle
No time to take a refreshing dip? Fill a spray bottle with water and put it in the refrigerator. During the day you can spray a mist of cold water on yourself. Lovely and cooling.

Feet up
If your feet were not swollen yet, then it may happen with the warm weather. Therefore try to sit up with the legs as much as possible. At least a few times a day, so that the fluid will settle a little.

Wear a belly band
Reduce the pressure on your lower abdomen and back slightly by wearing a belly band.

The warm weather is exhausting, your body has to work hard to stay cool. So take some extra naps if you feel like it.

Eat lightly
Not an easy task if you crave chocolate, fries, and pie, but try to eat lightly. Make a tasty fruit salad with watery fruit. Or choose vegetable snacks, such as pepper with tzatziki dip or carrots with hummus.

How do you seek refreshment in the summer months?

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