How to survive Christmas dinner with small children

How to survive Christmas dinner with small children

It is Christmas Day and that means that you're probably dolled up and glammed out. A nice dress, your hair in curls, and a layer of glitter makeup on. Your children are also in nice outfits. Girls have a cute Christmas dress and a glitter hair band on their heads and boys have a rompersuit with a little bowtie on.

But how beautiful and cozy Christmas is. It also cause a lot of stress! Watch everyone try to keep spit, snot and sneeze stains free all day! And have fun letting your toddler sit still in the restaurant, while your baby needs to be fed. But how do you survive the Christmas dinner exactly?

Low expectations
Sometimes we set too high expectations of a certain situation and Christmas is exactly one of which the picture often seems more romantic than reality. So do not put too high demands on the whole day. It does not matter if your daughter vomits a few hours after you put on her cute Christmas dress. And it is not bad if your son does not want to sit at the table anymore. Go with the flow. You have children and everyone understands - probably - what that means.

Child-rearing principles
Can your child have a maximum of half an hour per day on the tablet? Are you very strict when it comes to sugary food? Then relax a little today. Give your child a handful of chips or a few chocolate ball treats. And during the Christmas dinner, push the tablet into those chubby toddler's hands: it will ensure a little bit more peace and quiet.

Adequate sleep
Children who are tired do not usually become friendlier and quieter. So make sure that children get enough sleep - especially during the hectic public holidays. If necessary, carry a camp bed to grandfather and grandmother and make sure that there is a moment of rest for your child. Do not make Christmas too long. Even though it is nice to have a nice meal with the family, children are happiest when they are in bed in time. Be creative with bedtime, but do not ignore snooze signals from your child!

Make sure you have some nice toys in your bag, so your child can enjoy himself for a while. Something small and fun (for example a packet of crayons and a coloring book) that your child may unpack when he or she is sitting at the table, will be the greatest benefit

While hectic with children, Christmas remains a special time. Try to enjoy it and take lots of photos!

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