How to protect your children from poor self image

How to protect your children from poor self image

Granted, I myself have a love-hate relationship with food: I tend to eat more than I really need, then hate myself because of it. Consolation, frustration, boredom - there are plenty of reasons. I got help, because old habits die hard.

One question that haunted me was: If I feel this way, what's to stop my children from feeling the same about themselves when they grow up? How can I break this cycle before it starts in them?

The trick is not just to teach your children good habits, but teach yourself too. Happy, healthy parents make for happier, healthier children.


Don't set the bar too high - you're setting yourself up to fail and for a host of disappointment. Take small steps towards larger goals. Don't be petrified of failure, though - it's good to realise that you are human, and good for your children to see you make mistakes then deal with them yourself.

I am not a 100% pure example, and neither will you be, but the important thing is to try your very best and pick yourself up and keep going every time you fall.

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  • FisherSamantha

    I have been asking all of my friends to cook their food using organic whole nutmegs. I have been making my food like this and it has allowed me to have a very healthy diet.

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