How to prevent a peanut allergy in your child

How to prevent a peanut allergy in your child

It was first advised to be very careful with giving high-allergen food to babies, now the opposite applies. Thus recent studies have shown that peanut allergies can be prevented by giving peanuts to infants as early as possible.

I myself am very allergic to peanuts. I just have to look at it and I get the shivers. I had developed a kind of natural resistance. I was therefore very hesitant to give my children peanuts. My eldest turned out to be crazy about peanut butter and peanuts. My youngest turns out to be just as allergic to peanuts after testing as I am. Now it appears that I could possibly have prevented a peanut allergy with her.

Preventing peanut allergy
Most recent studies at renowned universities show that you can prevent peanut allergies by giving peanuts to your child as early as possible. Now mothers are encouraged to eat as many different allergens as possible during breastfeeding, but of course you should not be allergic to them.

So I could not have done it while breastfeeding, but from four months I could have given small amounts of peanut and chicken egg to prevent the development of an allergy.

Dr. Marike Stadermann: "Every month that you start giving peanut and egg earlier, the chance is significantly smaller to develop an allergy."

Peanut butter
Marloes Collins of the Allergy Platform advises to start with a pinch of peanut butter or a few crumbs of peanut flour. "You do that up to, for example, a sandwich with peanut butter for the toddlers twice a week."

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  • mabelgoodrich

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  • MadelineCosby

    In the past, it was advised not to give allergic food to babies but nowadays recent study shows it improves immunity. I had to write a book report for me on allergic food and its reaction to toddlers; surprisingly, the result shows the allergic food habit has nothing to do with the immune system. It is important to build a good food habit for children to ensure healthy development.

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