How to prepare for daylight savings clock changes

How to prepare for daylight savings clock changes

Daylight savings changes can actually affect young children more than you think. When they are so used to going to bed at a strict time the extra, or lacking, hour can make a huge difference in their sleeping schedule.

Shift bedtime

Start shifting the bedtime of your little one a few days in advance. Do they usually to bed at 19:00? For the first evening make it 18.50. The second night 18.40, and so on. After a few days your child is well prepared!


In the dark, your body turns on melatonin. A hormone that, among other things, prepares your body for sleep. So it's convenient for your child to be immediately exposed to daylight after the clock is set. Open the curtains and, if possible, take a walk in the morning. And if your child really gets up at an ungodly time? Then make sure you turn on as many lights as possible. Alternatively, be sure to make the room dark in the evening and to dim your lamps in the living room. Your child's body can thus prepare for sleep.

Keep your schedule

Breakfast at the same time, lunch at the same time and bring your children to bed at the usual time. You'll all get into your normal rhythm in no time.


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